Final Provisions

38. SSL certificate is used to process all the information in the inquiry and order pages as well as on your personal account. This is a safety procedure that assures complete confidentiality and guarantees security of all transactions.

39. We guarantee to take reasonable efforts to assure the security of and third-party access prevention to your personal information collected at this website. Our employees shall be kept duly instructed to hold your personal data secure. However, in case of requirements of our legal obligations, we will have to disclose the collected information.

40. This Privacy and Cookies Policy creates an entire agreement between us and you. Neither party of this agreement shall rely on any oral or written agreement unless outlines explicitly in this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

41. The failure of either party of this agreement to necessitate the performance of any point this Privacy and Cookies Policy contains shall not waiver the rights to further enforce this or any other provision this Privacy and Cookies Policy holds.

42. Reports and notices under this Privacy and Cookies Policy shall be deemed received within 1 day from the moment of sending the report or notice.

43. No provisions in this Privacy and Cookies Policy shall create any kind of joint venture, partnership or employer-employee relationship between the parties of this agreement. Neither party shall be given authorization to act as an agent for one another or enter into any contract or agreement on behalf of one another as an agent or a representative.

44. No provisions in this Policy shall commence any third parties obligations. No rights shall arise for any third party from this Policy.

45. Communications between the parties shall be carried out in the English language. Any means of communication are to be used for messages, requests, inquires, applications and/or consents.

46. In case it is discovered that a provision of this Policy may not be enforced by any relevant authority, a modification, interpretation or rewriting of a such a provision will occur to add as much of its scope and nature as will make it enforceable.

47. The aim of headings within this Policy is only to make this Privacy and Cookies Policy easier to comprehend. The meaning and content of the terms found under a specific heading are, therefore, not restricted to the meaning and content of a heading, which shall be disregarded in the interpretation of this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

48. This Policy may be altered or amended in any way at the sole and absolute discretion of the company without issuing any warnings or notices to the client.

49. This Privacy and Cookies Policy agreement is concluded in the electronic form, which shall have the identical legal force as it were signed in ink.

50. Last updated on September18, 2015.

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