Information Retrieved As You Visit the Website

15. As soon as you access the website in your device's browser, we automatically begin to retrieve the following details:

a. type of browser,
b. access time, and
c. operating system.

16. We are unable to identify you via this information. We do not attempt to discover the identities of the people who visit our site.

17. These details are used for the sole purpose of improving content on our website's pages, make it custom and/or improve the pages' layout.

Information Retrieved As You Make a Purchase of Our Services

18. You will be asked by us to render your certain information to us, should you wish to also make an order and ask for a text material to be delivered to you in addition to simply browsing our site. In this case, we shall retrieve the following details:

a. your email,
b. your telephone number,

19. Your email address may be used for sending you notifications regarding the most essential stages of fulfillment of your order such as any issues clarification, messages that have not been read, and completion of order.

20. We may also use your telephone number and email for the purposes of marketing and promotion as well as sending you notifications about any discounts, special offers, etc.

21. As you make an order, you will be asked to make payment via PayPal.

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